Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Page Two Finished Illustration

Here is the finished illustration for page two.  I painted this on vellum bristol using golden fluid acrylics and I did a little bit of texture using prismacolor.  I also had to do some minor digital edits to make the colors match my original as close as possible.  Overall it turned out well.  This painting took me a little over three days to complete.  At this rate I hope to have most if not all the pages painted by the end of December.  I do have to teach classes this fall and lesson plans will certainly occupy most of my time.  It will be a challenge to balance my time between creating quality lesson plans for my classes as well as painting the illustrations for my book. 

The good news is that I do not start teaching until after labor day so I have a little over a month to work on my book.  We shall see how many pages I manage to complete.  Onto page three!  FYI:  Just in case you are wondering where page one is, I am painting these in the order I drew them.  Page two was originally page one.

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