Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Children's Book Line Art: Pages One through Twenty!

Here is all the line art for my book so far.  I have gone through all the pages and corrected any mistakes that I missed.  It is what normally happens when I create a drawing - mistakes do not become apparent until a few days later or in some cases, weeks later.  Line art is arguably the most important step since the line art acts as a guide for the painting.  It is normal for me to spend more time on the line art instead of the actual painting.   I have four more interior pages to go to conclude the story.  I also have a title page, dedication page, front cover and back cover.  I would like to start painting my book before the year finishes.  The text for each image will be contained by a rectangle word balloon and will be one or two sentences at most.  I know what the text will generally say, but it is not carved into stone at this point.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Children's Book Line Art: Pages One through Ten

Here is the line art for pages one through ten.  I am about half-way through all of the line art for my book.  When the line art is complete, I will print the pages on sheets of bristol board and begin painting.  There are twenty two interior illustrations and a cover that I need to do.  The line art that you see here is not the final colors.  I darkened the lines so you can view the line art easier.  With each page there will be one or two sentences of text.  What I have written for the text is not written in stone or anything, so it can be worded differently.  I have posted the text below each image in italics.

I am an adventurer!

Adventurers go on quests and fight monsters!

We fight bad guys too!

Some quests are given to adventurers directly from the king.
Adventurers always defend the innocent!

Adventurers love to find treasure!

Adventurers like to go on quests with their friends.
Some adventurers are very strong.
Others are very quick and sneaky.
And some adventurers can use magic!
Again, the text you see is not hammered in stone so I am of course open to suggestions.  Overall I am progressing at a good pace considering I am still busy with teaching this school year.  I want to start painting by the end of this summer, hopefully I will have all the line art ready to go by then.






Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Greeting Card Illustration


Christmas Cats!  Didn't quite get this done in time for Christmas, but I wanted to take my time with it.  The painting is done with acrylics on a sheet of bristol.  Image size is approximately 12 by 16.5 inches.  I made it those dimensions so that if I res down, it will fit a 5 by 7 greeting card with a quarter inch bleed.  I did the drawing in clipstudio.

 Merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new year everyone!  I hope 2017 is awesome for all of us.  May we all experience happiness and success in the future!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Children's Book Line Art: Pages Five and Six

Here is the line art for pages five and six.  The line art after these pages will be much more challenging since other characters will be introduced.  I am constantly looking at the pages to check and make sure the main character's likeness is consistent.  I don't always see issues right away, sometimes a week will pass before I see a mistake and then I will correct it.  The rabbit's eyes in page five and page one do not look the same for example.  I will have to alter them in one of the pages to make sure his likeness is the same.  The other pages where we see his profile were much easier to draw.  More to come soon, I am also busy with lesson plans and teaching for the new school year which occupies the majority of my time.  I still plan on having most of the line art finished before the end of the year.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Children's Book Illustrations, Line Art, pages one through four.

Here is the line art for the first four pages of my book.  I drew all of these on my cintiq companion using clip studio.  I have a little over thirty pages in total to illustrate.  I will post all of my progress here on my blog.  Overall this project will take me over a year to finish and I am still undecided whether or not I will paint it traditionally or in clip studio.  So far I am having a lot of fun drawing it!  Each page will be 11 by 14 inches with a quarter inch bleed.  The book will be landscape with a line or two of simple text on each page.  

The story is about adventuring - quests, fighting monsters, treasure and ice cream!  Stay tuned, more to come!

"Failure is an option but fear is not." - James Cameron

Monday, April 4, 2016

A Red Dragon Battles A Rabbit Knight

Here is the latest illustration I painted.  I did all the line work on my cintiq companion and I painted on 11" by 17" coldpress watercolor paper using fluid acrylics.  It is a fun piece to think about as far as color is concerned.  I am going to illustrate my own children's book, this painting is a step in the right direction.  I will keep the writing and the story very simple.  Not sure how long it will be but I would like to have between 24 and 30 pages.  The process will be as follows: writing, thumbnails, drawing, painting and finally placing text.  A project like this will take a lot of time but I have been wanting to do something like this for quite awhile now.  I will post each illustration as I finish them.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mandarin Duck

I wanted to try and paint one of these ducks.  I found the colors and the textures very interesting so I had a lot of fun painting it.  This painting is mostly transparent paint.  There is a lot of opaques on the beak, eye, as well as the feathers around the neck and breast area.  As far as color is concerned, I used a lot of muted colors.  There are some intense saturated oranges on the ducks neck feathers and some intense turquoise colors on his head and eye.

Overall I am satisfied with the painting.  The only mistake I feel I made was that I forgot to lighten the line art on the duck itself.  After scanning the finished painting, I had to get rid of the visible lines around his eye and near his beak using photoshop.

As many of you know - I am an after school art teacher.  I also teach full-time during the summer.  Teaching takes up most of my time but I do my best to work on my own artwork when I can.  Ideally I would like to create at least one new painting every month.  I might set up a patreon account as well (I will notify everyone if I do).  I am not satisfied with my production as an artist.  It is hard to find a balance between my job as a teacher and my desire to create.  As my career as a teacher progresses, I hope to learn to manage my time better so I may also create more paintings for everyone to enjoy.  I genuinely love teaching, it is very rewarding but I also want to make more time to paint.