Sunday, March 1, 2020

Children book sketches! Kickstarter to launch in May!!

Well hello friends!  It has been a long journey to complete this project, I started drawing this book in the spring of 2016 and I must say that it has been quite enjoyable.  I have learned so much as an artist and a storyteller and now I am finally ready to share this project with all of you!

I am almost ready to launch my kickstarter, May is supposed to be the best month of the year for crowdfunding so I am aiming for May 6th!

I am currently waiting for a hard copy proof from print ninja to arrive in the mail.  It is mostly so I can inspect the colors.  There are only a few edits that I need to do with all my files and then I will be ready to print!  My friends Brian and Stine have been so incredibly helpful with preparing the indesign and pdf files.  I have learned so much from them about the process of preparing a book for print.  I am so grateful for having both of them as my teacher and friend!

The only hurdle that remains for me is to learn how to use video maker software so I can upload a video to my kickstarter page.  I'm hoping I can find something suitable for the ipad since my computer is way too slow - it couldn't get hitfilm express to run at all. 

The drawings you see here are done in my sketch book and are intended to be practice.  One of the extra rewards will be an inked sketch on the inside of the book.  I am trying to get used to drawing my character using traditional media since all the line art for the book was done digitally.

I will keep all of you informed in these next couple of months as May 6th approaches.  Thank you so much for all of your support!!

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