Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Children's Book Line Art: Pages One through Twenty!

Here is all the line art for my book so far.  I have gone through all the pages and corrected any mistakes that I missed.  It is what normally happens when I create a drawing - mistakes do not become apparent until a few days later or in some cases, weeks later.  Line art is arguably the most important step since the line art acts as a guide for the painting.  It is normal for me to spend more time on the line art instead of the actual painting.   I have four more interior pages to go to conclude the story.  I also have a title page, dedication page, front cover and back cover.  I would like to start painting my book before the year finishes.  The text for each image will be contained by a rectangle word balloon and will be one or two sentences at most.  I know what the text will generally say, but it is not carved into stone at this point.

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