Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Children's Book Line Art: Pages One through Ten

Here is the line art for pages one through ten.  I am about half-way through all of the line art for my book.  When the line art is complete, I will print the pages on sheets of bristol board and begin painting.  There are twenty two interior illustrations and a cover that I need to do.  The line art that you see here is not the final colors.  I darkened the lines so you can view the line art easier.  With each page there will be one or two sentences of text.  What I have written for the text is not written in stone or anything, so it can be worded differently.  I have posted the text below each image in italics.

I am an adventurer!

Adventurers go on quests and fight monsters!

We fight bad guys too!

Some quests are given to adventurers directly from the king.
Adventurers always defend the innocent!

Adventurers love to find treasure!

Adventurers like to go on quests with their friends.
Some adventurers are very strong.
Others are very quick and sneaky.
And some adventurers can use magic!
Again, the text you see is not hammered in stone so I am of course open to suggestions.  Overall I am progressing at a good pace considering I am still busy with teaching this school year.  I want to start painting by the end of this summer, hopefully I will have all the line art ready to go by then.