Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rabbit Ambush and Rocket Raccoon

Here is the latest painting I created.  It is approximately 12 by 21.5 inches and I painted on coldpress watercolor paper using fluid acrylics. This was a challenge to paint because of the overall composition - all the elements needed to be separate from each other using contrast.  The wolf has the darkest values and the most contrast around his head since he is the subject of the painting.  The wolf also has 95% of all the opaque paint as well as the most saturated color.  His eyes are a super-saturated phthalo blue.  The remaining opaque paint is in the rabbits' eyes to make them appear to glow.

Rocket Raccoon is the other painting I worked on and to me it is not as successful.  I did a lot of experimentation using color because I wanted to create an image dominated by green.  I think it got a little muddy is some places.  The saturated green in the trees competes for our attention when we should be focused solely on Rocket.  Despite my disappointment, it was still amusing to draw and paint such crazy subject matter.  One day in the near future, I hope to create an image dominated by green or red and be satisfied with the results.

I on occasion like to explore cartooning.  One day I hope to put together a story both written and illustrated by myself.  It is an ambitious project but I think it could be fun to self-publish a book in this illustrative style.  I may have to simplify the drawings for the interior pages, it is going to require more sketching to come up with a more solid design for these strange characters.

I will post again in the near future and go into detail for my process for these paintings. 

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