Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Owl Acrylics

For this painting, I originally wanted to do a blue green vs red orange color theory. I decided a muted yellow green vs a dull red orange was a better route. Unlike the previous bird paintings, this one has quite a lot of opaques on the bird, particularly on his light feathers and in his eye. The only pure color is in his eye where I put some saturated yellow green (green gold). I also used some alizarin crimson and pyrole red to get some brighter reds in the leaves. Although the bird is a a dark yellow green, the color I first used after the under painting was turquois (phthalo). It slowly shifted and became muted as I layered dioxazine purple and green gold on top of it. Anyways, for the next painting I will do a more in depth blog post, I forgot to take progress photos on this owl.

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