Thursday, November 15, 2018

Page Nine Finished Illustration

Finished the illustration for page nine tonight.  Surprisingly not a whole lot of edits to the digital scan.  The only colors that had to be adjusted were the yellow-oranges and magenta.  The color is punched up in this one whereas the first seven illustrations are fairly muted.  I did this by mixing in some primary cyan into the payne's grey/ burnt sienna paint that I use for the initial underpainting.  Depending on the color theory, I will mix different colors into the payne's grey when i do the underpainting from now on.  It certainly makes the illustration much more vibrant.  It is okay for the first few pages to be more subtle and muted since that is really the setup for the story.  The remaining pages should be more brighter particularly if they are exciting action scenes like this one.

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