Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hawk Acrylic Painting

I thought I'd post a day by day process for this newest painting I did.  I really wanted to create a successful piece dominated by green and this time I figured it out.  None of the transparent colors in this painting are pure - all of them are mixed with something else to neutralize them.  I even toned down the payne's grey because I got sick of adjusting it after scanning it.  I mixed payne's grey with some burnt sienna to get a warmer and more neutral grey.  Acrylic payne's grey is just too blue and like I said, it is an annoyance to adjust it in photoshop.  The greens in the background are a mixture of permanent green light, green gold and alizarin crimson hue.  The reds on the bird are a mixture of alizarin crimson hue and permanent green light.  Any yellows on the bird have a little bit of dioxazine purple mixed into them.  The only pure color is the yellow opaque color in the hawk's eye.

I decided to take a photo after each day of painting just to see my thought process.  I generally like to get all the dark, hard edges before putting on thin veils of color.  I used two brushes - one small flexible round and a soft neptune brush for any light washes.  What you see below is about six days of painting, maybe 3 to 5 hours total for each day.

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  1. Beautiful. I love your process and how you work with color.